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#WCW Envy Jolie



Envy is from Hunting Beach,California and is an adult actress and model. Normally when I pick a girl for Women Crush Wednesday she been on the show as a guest. This time its a little different Envy will be live and in person with us next Wednesday and we are looking forward to it.  You can check Envy out at her website EnvyJolie.Club. Don’t forget  next week to make sure you tune into EP 280 of The Rob V Show it should be a great show!



Twitter: @xxxenvy4u 

#WCW (Anjelia Pelay)


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Anjelia is from Toms River, New Jersey.  I always like to promote people from our area as much as I can.  I got to meet her this past weekend at the Philly’s Phinest Calendar release party. She was very down to earth and I feel like I have know her for years after getting to spend some time with her  Oh did I mention she is very easy on the eyes! She is also a musician and will be playing at Saloon 151 in West Chester,Pa this Friday night!  Anjelia has a residency with her band  Howl At The Moon at Universal Studios Hollywood,CA. Check her single out right here Superman! If you would like to book Anjelia you can at

Twitter: @Anjelia 

Facebook: Anjelia Pelay

Instagram: @anjeliapelay

#WCW (Alyson Catherine)


Alyson comes to us by way of Amish country. She has been on the show many times and it’s always a lot of fun when she stops by the studio. I don’t know how we have not scared her away yet.  Alyson’s favorite movie is (This is the End).  Alyson told me she had zero interesting facts about her. This radio hosts begs to differ! If you wold like to buy an autographed copy of the 2017 Philly’s Phinest Swimsuit calander email your first and last name and email to Alyson is also available for paid shoots.


Instagram: @alyson.catherine

Twitter: @alysonredding

Facebook: Alyson Catherine


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#WCW: Adult Film Star … NINA ELLE

Nina Elle

ronavatar by Ron Sullivan

Nina Elle is one of those porn stars with whom what you see is what you get. In all her movies she plays the slutty girl and she is not afraid to admit that she is slutty in real life as well. Even since she was little, she learned the power of her sexuality and she’s using it to get what she wants ever since. Nina Elle is a German blondie, which explains a lot. Read more

#WCW: Adult Entertainer … LOLLY INK

Lolly Ink

ronavatar  by Ron Sullivan

In last week’s edition of #WCW we took a look at a close friend of the Rob Velivis Show Brandi Love. This week, we have a young woman that I think Rob ACTUALLY has a crush on … the beautiful LOLLY INK!

The Blonde Boobzilla

Lolly Ink‘s signature feature can be figured out from her name, her tattoo covered skin. The thing that’s the most likable about her, however, are her ENORMOUS breasts! She has some of the most magnificent boobs in porn. Her 34DDD helped her climb the ladder to adult fame. There’s more about this 32 year old blonde than her chest, however. Read more

#WCW: Adult Film Star … Brandi Love

Brandi Love

by  Ron Sullivan   ronavatar

When thinking about who we could pick out for our Woman Crush Wednesday our attention immediately turned to someone that’s both a mainstay in the adult industry and close friend of the Rob Velivis Show … none other than the gorgeous Brandi Love.

Born on the 29th of March 1973 in California, Brandi is the dictionary definition of a MILF. She has always been this way, since she started working in the adult industry at 30 years of age. In a way, she really is the wife that moved next door that you immediately wanted to bang. Read more

#WCW: Maria Sharapova

maria sharapova

by Ron Sullivan

Born in Russia in 1987, Maria Sharapova moved to the U.S. at an early age and began training at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. After turning professional at age 14, she burst into the spotlight by winning the 2004 Wimbledon women’s singles title. Sharapova became the 10th woman to earn a career Grand Slam with her French Open win in 2012, and she added a second French crown in 2014. In 2016, she was suspended for two years by the International Tennis Federation following her positive test for a banned substance. Read more

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