Episode 289 of The Rob V Show (The Phanatic is an Asshole)


Episode 289 we were supposed to have Harylnn Rae on the show but two hours before the show she decided to bail on us. Which turned out to be a good thing because I was able to have Lachia on the show who I have tried for five years to get on the program! She was a blast and she may be my plus for the the NFL Draft after party at Monarch. Diaz shared with us a traumatic experience he had with the Phanatic in his childhood. We hosted some veterans that were on a bar crawl and our studio was one of their stops. Old friend of the show Christine stopped by to hang out and bust my balls. Quimby filled us in on some of the upcoming Green Legion trips this season. Some of the packages should be up at some point today. Check the whole show out here!

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