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Brandi Love

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When thinking about who we could pick out for our Woman Crush Wednesday our attention immediately turned to someone that’s both a mainstay in the adult industry and close friend of the Rob Velivis Show … none other than the gorgeous Brandi Love.

Born on the 29th of March 1973 in California, Brandi is the dictionary definition of a MILF. She has always been this way, since she started working in the adult industry at 30 years of age. In a way, she really is the wife that moved next door that you immediately wanted to bang.

She says that she’s always shown a rebellious side, despite her conservative childhood.

Brandi has had quite a successful life even before becoming an adult actress and all together with her husband, who she met in college. It was with him that she started experimenting in her sexual life.

Having lost her virginity at the age of 17, it can be said that Brandi Love was a late bloomer. Afterward, she even had to drive her boyfriend back home, since she was the one with a drivers license. With her husband, with whom she has an open relationship, she started swinging and doing all the stuff they saw on the internet.

This is how the idea of going in the adult business came about, all they knew was how to surf for porn. So when the two webmasters they hired for the job asked them if they were interested, they definitely said yes!

Brandi Love

If you find it kinky to be married and a successful pornstar, Brandi Love thinks otherwise, thinks that everything is subjective. She herself said that she hasn’t done on camera what she has done in private life. For example, in almost 11 years since she has been in the industry, she hasn’t had a boy/girl/boy scene, whereas she has been in orgies of 1000 people in her private life.

Another point of interest for the fans would be an anal scene. The actress said, it isn’t of interest for her, pain is not her game.

Is she as selfish as all the pornstars are rumored to be? Not at all. Through her No Rivals Media adult entertainment company she has offered her support for all the parents involved in one way or another in the adult business, as well as being involved in all sorts of charitable endeavors.

For the record, the MILF has even held lectures for the sociology students at the East Carolina University concerning alternative relationships.

In the past 2 years, she has gathered 7 nominations and wins, including a MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year. Brazzers, Hustler and Wicked are just a few of the adult studios for which she shot hardcore features – for example, her first full length film was Succubus in 2007, shot for Evil Motion Pictures. She said, the most fun she had was shooting This Ain’t Game of Thrones in 2014.

Be sure to Follow Brandi on both Twitter @Brandi_Love and Instagram @BrandiLove. You can also find her on her website brandilove.com

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