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Nina Elle

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Nina Elle is one of those porn stars with whom what you see is what you get. In all her movies she plays the slutty girl and she is not afraid to admit that she is slutty in real life as well. Even since she was little, she learned the power of her sexuality and she’s using it to get what she wants ever since. Nina Elle is a German blondie, which explains a lot.

She was born in Ludwigshafen, Germany, on 28 April 1980, which makes her 35 years old and almost a hot Euro MILF. Her boobs might be fake, but with a pair of 34DD knockers in your face, would you care if they are real or not. In fact, she had two surgeries to enhance her breasts. The first one was good, but she wanted them a bit bigger. She has a couple of tattoos that make her look bad ass, especially the dead man’s head and tribal ink piece on her left arm. She is still active and was since 5 years ago when she started out in the industry in 2010. Her hair is natural blonde, and besides her boobs, everything about her awesome body is natural.

Nina Elle

Slutty German Takes over Porn

The fact that she is a slut is not a secret and Nina is not afraid to admit it. She loves to have fun with cocks and if she can make some money out of it, why not? Nina admitted that she used her looks and sexuality to gain benefits from men before, but her first real adult entertainment gig was as a porn chat model. She was webcamming for about 6 months before she got into porn. In fact, webcamming convinced her that joining the industry is the right decision for her. She liked the financial and work freedom she got from streaming her masturbation sessions, and she wanted more of it. Her first scene ever was a girl/girl one, which was also the first time she’s ever been with a woman. Although she likes getting down on a chick, she’s still devoted to the guys. During her career she mostly worked with Brazzers, but also with other companies. In the past couple of years she has been really busy, shooting porn almost every day. She is still camming every now and then, but her shows are special events and not everyone can watch them.

Who Is This Blonde?

Nina Elle is the perfect type of girl for a porn star career. She is kinky, extremely horny and ready for everything. However, it wasn’t always like that. As a young babe in Germany, she worked in a dental clinic as a hygienist. However, her life was just the opposite of what she truly wanted. Waking up and going to work every morning wasn’t for her. She’s an active chick, which is the reason for which she maintains such a hot body. She does cross fit on a regular basis, but in the same time she is a huge foodie, enjoying every new and exciting meal she can find. If you need a restaurant guide on the West Coast, she’s like Yelp with boobs. For the future, she wants to keep focused on her career and maybe try some porn ventures on her own. We’ll be keeping an eye on her and you should do the same thing.

You can always follow her on

Twitter: @NinaElleXoXo

Instagram: @NinaCochina69

and of course on her website: ninaellexxx.com

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