EP 313 Of The Rob V Show (Alura Jenson)


After some technical issues we hit the ground running. Episode 313 we flew Adult Film Star Alura Jenson to help celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles winning the super bowl! We covered a lot with here so just hit the play button and enjoy!

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Alura’s website alurajensonxxx.com>
Twitter/IG @AluraJenson

PreParade Party with Alura Jenson


This Wednesday we will be live at 7:30 PM EST to pregame for the biggest parade in the history of the country! Flying in to hang out to be on the show and party with us on Broad Street is Adult film star Alrua Jenson! I have no clue what will happen but I know one thing it will be one hell of a good time! Pigs are flying the Eagles have won the Super Bowl! You can hear the show live right here or on the Tune IN Radio App and search The Rob V Show! Quimby will set the scene for us and share with us what is like to be at the game. I will share what I did on this once in a life time night in The Delaware Valley!

Episode 311 of The Rob V Show (I would F$%K both you for free)


Episode 311 of The Rob V Show it was just Quimby an myself. We think Mike O’Neil might have been on a date but we can’t confirm that. Stella was in studio to share some stories with is on what its like to work as a call girl in Nevada. Needless to say the stories were very interesting. The Eagles play the Falcons this Saturday in the Playoffs we covered the upcoming game and our thoughts on it. Check the hole show out here.

Episode 310 OF The Rob V Show (The Green Legion VS Tony Bruno)


Episode 310 of The Rob V Show Myself and Quimby wew finally back on the air. Mike O’ Neil even stopped by to hang out! Quimby told is what happened on Twitter between The Green Legion and Tony Bruno. The finalists for the NFL Hall Of Fame were announced. Brian Dawkins made the cut once and again and we talked about if here will get in this year. Will the Eagles win a playoff game? We talked about that and my dating life. Check the whole show out here!

Episode 309 of The Rob V Show (Lindsey Rae)


Episode 309 of The Rob V Show Rex joined myself and Quimby   Lindsey Rae  from Cheerleaders joined us in studio. she informed us that she would like to get into the adult business and also played the butterfly challenge , You will have to tune to find out what that challenge was.  I did give my opinion of the state of Philadelphia Radio.  The Eagles are 9-1 and the Sixers are still a joy to watch! Check the whole show out here!

EP 308 Of The Rob V Show (Dallas Week)


Our old friend of the show Tommy B joined us in studio to shoot some lovely ladies! for the Philly Phinest 2018 Calendar. Rex Was back with us and so was Mike O’Neil who filled us in on his new club Vesper Sporting Club. Payton from Delilah’s was back hanging out  with us and she looks better every time we see her! Christina also joined us from Reading,Pa! Aron was in studio with us too! We talked about the Eagles and how much fun the Sixers are to watch. I also had my opinion and the whole Meek Mill saga  check the whole show put right here!

Episode 307 of The Rob V Show (Quading)

carson_wentz_eagles (1)

Episode 307 of The Rob V Show we were back live. Rex and Jared joined us as co-hosts. Missy and Catalina from Delilahs were out guests for the night. We were all very excited to talk about the Eagles 6-1 start.  I was angry all night long and let the whole panel know about it.  Also we shared our views on guys that have girls that our just friends. Check the whole show out here!

Episode 306 Of The Rob V Show (Throw Back Thursday)


Quimby was out of town for Episode 306 of The Rob V Show so I decide to do a throw back Thursday episode. My old co-host and maybe my funnest B.C checked in and we went down memory lane and talked about some of the fun times on the show in the early days. C.M Carrol owner of Toil Records and now in the band Illusions Of Grandeur joined the show as well. Toil records was the first ever studio for The Rob V Show. C.M had no idea what he was getting into back then. He filled us in on what he is doing now and told me IN To The Pit may be making a come back! Finally we ended the show with the one and only Glen Tener! Check the whole show out right here!

Episode 305 Of The Rob V Show (Stripper Stories)


Episode 305 Of The Rob V Show Sadie and Payton were back in the studio for the second week in a row. Quimby was back from L.A a shared with us the epic Eagles trip! I was on Quimby all night about finally installing our stripper pole in the studio. We also started looking forward to the Green Legion trip to L.A this December. Check the whole show out here!

Episode 304 of The Rob V Show (Evaculation Going On)


Episode 304 brought us Payton from Delilahs and Sade from The Gold Club Center City. At the top of the show we talked about the Eagles win against the Giants on a 61 yard field goal. We tried to get in to current events and the news but the girls took over the show. We also learned about the newest song sweeping the nation Eveculation going on! check the whole show out right here!

Episode 5 of Nick Manning Radio


Nick started off the show very angry. His computer was frozen and he could not get his Skype to work either. Nick  also talks about going bowling with Kristal Summers and Jenna Presley coming to his baseball games. Nick talks about his days as a male stripper. Nick also agrees we should go raze hell at Exxxotica and have some fun with Lisa Ann!

Episode 303 of The Rob V Show (Lisa Ann your in trouble)


Episode 303 brought back our friend Mike Diaz and we picked up right where we both left off. Also our friend of the show Rex was back to join us after being at sea for a few months. Quimby and Diaz shared some very funny Green Legion customer service stories. We also found out Lisa Ann will be at Exxxotica this year. We agreed that we should be there. Melissa from The Fillmore joined us to and ask our advice on what bikini she should where for the Philly Phinest  Calendar event. Check the whole show here!

Episode 4 of Nick Manning Radio


Episode 4 of Nick Manning Radio started off with Nick doing his best Lemmy impression. We dedicated the show to the Nick Manning Expert and Co-Producer of Dropping Loads Rev DanDLee Strickland. He could not join us due to hurricane Irma. Also asked Nick what he thinks his number is of women he has slept with. He thinks it’s right around 6,000. He also said there is no way Wilt Chamberlin slept with over 10,000 women! Nick told me some stories about being at his girlfriend’s house and having to deal with some neighbors that were a little off. Nick shared with me some more stories about the first time Nikki Benz came over to Manning Manor. I also tried to get Nick to take a computer class but he wants nothing to do with it!

Episode 302 of The Rob V Show (Nadia White)


Episode 302 brought us the amazing Nadia White she was a blast to have on the show and we covered a lot with her you don’t want to miss any of it! Our buddy Nick Manning called in to talk about our new podcast and everything Manning. Nick gave us the line of the night (Jack Shack). You will have to listen to the show to find out what that means! Jess Margera from my favorite band CKY check in with us! We even talked about his brothers upcoming special on Vice Land (Epicly Later’D). Ted Fowler checked in and gave us an update from Rockport,Texas. Check the whole show out here!

Natdia White’s IG @nadiawhiteofficial Twitter @Nadiawhite

Tuesdays with Nick


I filled in for Nick Manning’s normal co-host Jay Kent. We talked about his new book Droppin’Loads The Nick Manning Story. You can buy the book at NickManningBiz.com. We covered a lot of Topics from The Rock,Hulk Hogan,NIKI BENZ and everything in between! Yes Lisa Ann even came up! Steve Hirsch We want to be on Vivid Radio so we hope you hear this! You can hear the show at robvradio.com and NickManningBiz.com.

Episode 301 of The Rob V Show (Amaya May)


Episode 301 of The Rob V Show brought us Amaya May live in studio. She had a lot of crazystories to share with us and you are going to want to hear them! Quimby and I were joined by friend of The Green Legion Tom. We talked about the Mayweather/Mcgregor and did it live up to the hype. The Colin Kaepernick saga continued on the program. Check the whole show out here to see what eles we got into.

Episode 300 of The Rob V Show


I usually post the show on the same day but over the last week I have been a little busy. I was busy winning the first Perky League for Nor-Gwyn since 1990. Episode 300 we were live from Brigantine thanks to our buddy Joe Caruso we were right on the bay! even Johnny Diamond came down to hang out with us. It was a good time had by all as we looked back at the last 299 shows. Check it out right here!

Episode 299 The Rob V Show goes mobile

2nd streert

For the first ever the show went mobile! Quimby found out how to fir the whole show into a book bag. We walked around the 2nd street festival talking to as many people as we could. We ended up at Monarch to see our co-host Mike O’Neil. We did have our technical issues as this was the first time we tried out this new technology. Check the whole show out right here!

Episode 298 of The Rob V Show (Tom Begasse)


Episode 298 our buddy Tom Begasse stopped by to shoot two beautiful ladies Thaise and Vanity!! Velivis Vision had so many views that our server was shut down for a short time. The Phillies were a hot topic on and so was my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. Quimby gave me a twenty pound turkey out of his freezer. Diaz and Quimby also talked a good amount about golf which put me to sleep~ Check the whole shot out right here! If you would like to shoot with Tommy reach out to him here Tommy B Photo

EP 297 Of The Rob V Show (The return of Diaz)


Episode 297 of the show kicked off with just Quimby and myself. Quimby filled us in on his trip to L.A and what some of the plans our when the Green Legion is in L.A. We started to go over the plans for our 300th show at Monarch Augusts 6th and who will be on the guest list. Mike Diaz made his return to the program and we finally got to hear his thoughts on the Sixers. We all agreed the Phillies are on watchable. We also covered the upcoming Eagles season. Next week our buddy Tommy B will be in studio shooting if any ladies would like to join us.

Episode 296 of The Rob V Show (Rob and Quimby)


Episode 296 It was just Quimby and myself . We talked about the Phillies and what it would be like to do a show live from Broad Street. We discussed upcoming shows this summer and what will happened for our 300th show! Hopefully it doesn’t get to out of hand! Check the whole show out right here!

Episode 294 of The Rob V Show (Bring My Bitches)


Episode 294  Molly joined us from Cheerleaders in NJ. Sorry guys she works behind the bar. It was just Quimby and myself to guide the ship. We talked about the state of the Sixers after the draft. Our buddy Nick Manning has wrote his Biography and you can order it right here www.nickmanningbiz.com. We also cover  how to be a part of the 2018 Philly Phinest Calendar event at Monarch. It was also 25 years since the passing of the late great Jerome Brown. Check the whole show out here!

Episode 291 of The Rob V Show (I had to hold her down. Because she was thrashing)


Episode 291 of The Rob V Show Rex filled in for Mike Diaz.  Gigi and Scarlett from American Grit Season two which premieres June 11th on Fox joined us in studio.  Gigi was infatuated with our friend Nyssa and her photo on our studio wall.   The Phillies are becoming very hard to watch. We learned Gigi likes to give lap dances  and I was then at our lose for words. Check the whole show out here.

Episode 290 Of The Rob V Show (Rob’s Bday and Bikini Bubble Butt Beer Pong)


For the first time ever my Birthday fell on the day of the show. Episode 290 brought us anther edition of Bikini Bubble Butt Beer Pong. Palmer was back with us to take his role as referee and field reporter. Luis and Cesar joined us from Miami as co-hosts. We did talk about the NFL Draft that was here in Philly. After that things kind of went of rails. Check he whole show out right here!

Episode 289 of The Rob V Show (The Phanatic is an Asshole)


Episode 289 we were supposed to have Harylnn Rae on the show but two hours before the show she decided to bail on us. Which turned out to be a good thing because I was able to have Lachia on the show who I have tried for five years to get on the program! She was a blast and she may be my plus for the the NFL Draft after party at Monarch. Diaz shared with us a traumatic experience he had with the Phanatic in his childhood. We hosted some veterans that were on a bar crawl and our studio was one of their stops. Old friend of the show Christine stopped by to hang out and bust my balls. Quimby filled us in on some of the upcoming Green Legion trips this season. Some of the packages should be up at some point today. Check the whole show out here!

Episode 288 of The Rob V Show (No Rob)


Episode 288 not 290 of The Rob V Show Quimby! This show was from April 12th finally on April 21st I am posting this  at 2:24 am because I can not sleep. I was not in studio for this episode So Quimby,Mike and our  friend Rex were the co-hosts for that evening. All things considering I thought the guys did a very nice job. Mike talked about the up coming Official draft party that he will be hosting at Monarch this Thursday. The guys did cover a wide range of topics. The one thing I did not know is that Miss April from  the Philly’s Phinest  swimsuit calendar was our guest. She has moved to the west coast which makes this radio host very sad. Check the whole show out here and we will be back on the air this Sunday at 1PM EST!

Episode 287 of The Rob V Show (Jess Margera and Nick Manning)


Episode 287 If the Rob V show I did on my own Quimby was out car shopping. I had a chance to catch up with the drummer of CKY Jess Margera. We talk about the bands first album since 2009 and hitting the road again on the Warped Tour. Jess does have a name for the new album but I could not pry it our of him it will be out this summer! Nick Manning checked in and he had a lot to say. We talked about his book that he is in the process of finishing up but it has been a headache for him and he vented about it to me. He even read a  excerpts from his book. Thanks to Jess and Nick for taking the time to call in! Check the whole show out right here.

Episode 286 of The Rob V Show (That’s called Prison Rob)


Episode 286 of The Rob V Show Quimby was on a rampage to start the show and let us know about it! Diaz and Quimby started the show off with some Star Wars news. The WWE sex tape scandal was discussed and we all had our own take on the situation. Jada and Lea were our in studio guests. Somehow they shared with us their thoughts on swingers and the differences between black men and white men in the bedroom. Our Bikini Bubble Butt Beer Pong Tournament is next week and we went over the rules for the event. Check the whole show out right here!

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Episode 285 of The Rob V Show (State of Philadelphia Sports)


Episode 285 Of The Rob V Show brought the return of Mike Diaz after a couple months away from the program. Mike O’Neil was a little late to show but did join in the discussion of the Stat of Philadelphia Sports! Quimby did show off  his Death Star Ice cubes which I thought was very cool! check the whole show out right here!

Episode 284 of The Rob V Show (Who have you been scissoring?)


Episode 284 of The Rob V Show Aneesa from The Real World Chicago joined is in studio. Samantha from Delilahs  also was in studio and she shared her 3sum stories with the group. I also let the panel now that I am done with trusting the processes! Natalie Egenolf from 97.5 the Fanatic should not have an on air job. Check the whole out right here!

Episode 283 of The Rob V Show (Ted Fowler)


Episode 283 Quimby was out of town so I decided it would be a good time to have Ted Fowler on the show. I found about about Ted from his work co-hosting The Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast on Podcast One. Let me tell you he is a trip! We talked about how in the Hell did he meet Stone Cold Steve Austin? To some TV show ideas we have that we both think could be home runs!  We both enjoyed a cocktail over our conversation and we had a blast.  Conrad Thomson was suppose to be a guest but the audio was not to my liking so we will have to have him back on at a later date! Check the whole show out right here!

Check Ted out on Twitter @TedFowler361

Episode 282 of The Rob V Show (You know want I wanted to do back in the 90’s? No one cares)


Episode 282 of The Rob V Show we had no one in studio which gave us many topics to cover. We covered a lot about the Sixers and the saga of Jahik Okafor.  Mike O’Neill let is us know that he has started his process for hiring bottle service girls at Monarch for this up coming summer. Quimby was a little bit under the weather but he battled through. We also announced that we will be bringing back the Bubble Butt Bikini Beer Pong Tournament on March 8th. Check the rest of the show out right here!

Episode 281 of The Rob V Show (Extreme Vetting)


Episode 281 of The Rob V Show we started off with just Quimby and myself.  Mike O’Neil was a little late but did help us go over some of the crazy NFL prop bets. We also talked about the political issues going on in this country and how we support extreme vetting!  Andrea from Stadium bar and grill at the Holiday Inn joined us.  Andrea brought in her friend Nichole with her and their were two big reasons we were fans of her! We also we revisited one of our favorite people of all time Charles Ramsey. Check the whole show out right here! The girls also helped us place bets for the big game!

Episode 280 of The Rob V Show (Envy Jolie)


Episode 280 of The Rob V Show Adult film Star Envy Jolie joined us live in studio and she did not dissapoint! I am not going to bore you with a full decscription of the show just hit the play button and enjoy!

#WCW Envy Jolie



Envy is from Hunting Beach,California and is an adult actress and model. Normally when I pick a girl for Women Crush Wednesday she been on the show as a guest. This time its a little different Envy will be live and in person with us next Wednesday and we are looking forward to it.  You can check Envy out at her website EnvyJolie.Club. Don’t forget  next week to make sure you tune into EP 280 of The Rob V Show it should be a great show!



Twitter: @xxxenvy4u 

#WCW (Anjelia Pelay)


15304452_10155575765829778_4432278914997505478_o  11071521_10153748633434778_5545332883437979792_n    img_27561

Anjelia is from Toms River, New Jersey.  I always like to promote people from our area as much as I can.  I got to meet her this past weekend at the Philly’s Phinest Calendar release party. She was very down to earth and I feel like I have know her for years after getting to spend some time with her  Oh did I mention she is very easy on the eyes! She is also a musician and will be playing at Saloon 151 in West Chester,Pa this Friday night!  Anjelia has a residency with her band  Howl At The Moon at Universal Studios Hollywood,CA. Check her single out right here Superman! If you would like to book Anjelia you can at anjeliapelay.com.

Twitter: @Anjelia 

Facebook: Anjelia Pelay

Instagram: @anjeliapelay

Episode 279 of The Rob V Show (Live from Monarch)


Episode 279 of The Rob V Show we were live from Monarch in Northern Liberties for the Philly’s Phinest Calendar release party. Mike Diaz was back on the air with us. We had many of the lovely ladies from the calendar join us through out the day! Mike O’Neil also gave us the 411 on the Hair of The Dog at the Fillmore. Diaz and Mike also have are starting to have a bromance. Kenny from  Tango also joined us to talk about his bar and what nights are good to stop in.

Check the whole show out right here!  thank you to our buddy Mike O’Neil at Monarch!



Episode 278 of The Rob V Show (It’s an ok size compared to a black man)


Episode 278 if The Rob V Show our buddy Mike O’Neill from Monarch joined us in studio.  We were back on the air for the first time in almost a month. I made it a point to bring up Ernest Owens from Philly.com and his article on the Mummers  parade. We looked forward to the 2017 Eagles season and the Green Legion trip to L,A  Cherelle and Mika from Cheerleaders joined us and you can guess will the show went from there! Tune into the whole show right here!

#WCW (Alyson Catherine)


Alyson comes to us by way of Amish country. She has been on the show many times and it’s always a lot of fun when she stops by the studio. I don’t know how we have not scared her away yet.  Alyson’s favorite movie is (This is the End).  Alyson told me she had zero interesting facts about her. This radio hosts begs to differ! If you wold like to buy an autographed copy of the 2017 Philly’s Phinest Swimsuit calander email your first and last name and email to redding.alyson08081992@gmail.com. Alyson is also available for paid shoots.


Instagram: @alyson.catherine

Twitter: @alysonredding

Facebook: Alyson Catherine


image2.JPG                              image1.JPG                      al


Episode 277 of The Rob V Show (Periscope 101)


Episode 277 of The Rob V Show Diaz was back and Mike O’Neil joined the show. Quimby’s fraternity Noose hung out in studio and I think it’s safe to say he will coming back. Tom and Greg came in to shoot some lovely ladies. We covered everything from the Sixers canceling thire game to the panel teaching Noose a crash course on Twitter. Check the whole show out here!

Episode 276 of The Rob V Show (Dolphing)


Episode 276 of The Rob V Show Julia from Xfinity Live joined us along with our old friends of the show Alyson and Connie. Connie brought her best friend Amanda in with her as well. Merchant Marine Rex filled in as a co-host and filled us in on what he does when he is deployed. We covered a lot of topics on the show and somehow we got Julia into a bikini. I also may try to look up her mom on match.
Check the whole show out here.

Episode 275 of The Rob V Show (Quimby makes a good vodka tonic)


Episode 275 the group was back together for the first time in weeks. Pep’s cousin Ken joined  us on the panel and we took a real liking to him. Mike O’Neil from Monarch joined us along with Ashly from the Philly Finest Calendar. We mainly talked about Donald Trump and how happy we were that he on the election. I did talk about  my trip to Exxtoica and Jesse Jane standing me up for our interview.  Check the whole show out here!

Episode 274 Of The Rob V Show (Craig Shoemaker)


Episode 274 Of The Rob V Show I had the chance to have Flourtown’s own The Love Master himself Craig Shoemaker. It was a blast to have him on the show and he also tells a great Big Daddy Graham story and he also does a great BDG. Craig is also currently a writer on Fuller House which you can find on Netflixs. Craig is also in the middle of writing his on T.V Show. I also got to catch up with an old staple of the show the one and only Phil Allan he called in while he was on the road in Texas. Check the whole show out right here!




Episode 273 of The Rob V Show (Catching up with Nick Manning)


Episode 273 of The Rob V Show I caught up with an old friend of the show the one and only Nick Manning. We talked about his pilot that he is currently shopping around Cubs baseball and Lisa Ann. Check the whole show out right here!


Episode 272 of The Rob V Show (Glenn and Turtle)


Episode 272 of The Rob V Show I had my old intern friend  on the show Eric the Turtle Golden from Sports Radio 94 WIP. We talked about how we met what it’s like to work at WIP and we also got a chance to talk a little wrestling. If you follow myself and Eric on Twitter you would know we talk a lot about the WWE. So I thought why not talk about it on the show. As an added bonus the one and only Glenn Tener joined me on the program.

Episode 271 of The Rob V Show (Pep gets a hair cut)


Episode 271 myself,Quimby and Diaz started the show Pep was late again! porn star Madison Leigh joined us in studio.  Khaleesi from Cheerleaders also stopped by to hang out with us. Diaz and my self talked about the Sixers and why we had to put with the Celtic commentators. When Pep did show up he had a fresh hair cut and we all commented on it.   Sheena Parveen  is leaving NBC 10  and I expressed how upset I am with Sheena leaving the city. Check the whole show out right here.

Episode 270 of The Rob V Show (GiGi)


Episode 270 Of The Rob V was just Quimby and myself who started the show Pep and Diaz were late to the studio. When we they did arrive we covered many topics one of which was what was the name of the first adult film we ever watched. Diaz was interviewed by NBC10 this past week and what his thoughts were about Penndot fixing 76. We also talked about the 30th EXXXOTICA Expo that will be in New Jersy in November. Our old friend Mike O’Neil owner of Monarch stopped by to update us on how this summer went and up coming events. Mike also brought with him Gigi Gustin who is a model and actress. Gigi shared some funny stories with us and she will also be in Quimby’s calendar next month. Check the who show out right here.


Episode 269 of The Rob V Show (Thank you for bringing the figs and nuts)


The Group was back together Pep and Diaz were late getting to the party. Quimby made it back from Chicago just in time to start the show. Nikki joined us from NJ to help us celebrate cougar night. After talking to Nikki we found out she is into furries and we were are very interested. Essences came in with Nikki and she showed us she has a self ass. Quimby told us all about the Green Legion invading Chicago this past weekend. Diaz got a lap dance as we went off the air. Check the whole show out here!

Episode 268 of The Rob V Show


Episode 268 of The Rob V show I was back with the group. I graded all the guys on their performance while I was gone. We talked about the Eagles and our thoughts on the first game. We also got into a heavy discussion into the ongoing race issues. Also we looked ahead to episode 300 of the program for possible ideas. Check the whole show out here!

#WCW: Adult Film Star … NINA ELLE

Nina Elle

ronavatar by Ron Sullivan

Nina Elle is one of those porn stars with whom what you see is what you get. In all her movies she plays the slutty girl and she is not afraid to admit that she is slutty in real life as well. Even since she was little, she learned the power of her sexuality and she’s using it to get what she wants ever since. Nina Elle is a German blondie, which explains a lot. Read more

#WCW: Adult Entertainer … LOLLY INK

Lolly Ink

ronavatar  by Ron Sullivan

In last week’s edition of #WCW we took a look at a close friend of the Rob Velivis Show Brandi Love. This week, we have a young woman that I think Rob ACTUALLY has a crush on … the beautiful LOLLY INK!

The Blonde Boobzilla

Lolly Ink‘s signature feature can be figured out from her name, her tattoo covered skin. The thing that’s the most likable about her, however, are her ENORMOUS breasts! She has some of the most magnificent boobs in porn. Her 34DDD helped her climb the ladder to adult fame. There’s more about this 32 year old blonde than her chest, however. Read more

#WCW: Adult Film Star … Brandi Love

Brandi Love

by  Ron Sullivan   ronavatar

When thinking about who we could pick out for our Woman Crush Wednesday our attention immediately turned to someone that’s both a mainstay in the adult industry and close friend of the Rob Velivis Show … none other than the gorgeous Brandi Love.

Born on the 29th of March 1973 in California, Brandi is the dictionary definition of a MILF. She has always been this way, since she started working in the adult industry at 30 years of age. In a way, she really is the wife that moved next door that you immediately wanted to bang. Read more

Episode 267 of The Rob V Show (No Rob/The Commonwealth of Philadelphia)


I was not in the studio for episode 267 of The Rob V Show. I was in New Hope, PA with my brother to celebrate his birthday at my Dads.

Quimby, Pep, Diaz, and Palmer ran the Program. Quimby talked about his big Green Legion announcement. The boys covered the Colin Kaepernick saga. Pep tried to sand bag me about Carlos Ruiz and if it’s ok to cheer for him. The whole panel disagreed him. Christine brought her friend Kelly in who apparently makes squirting videos. Christine told the boys about her first lesbian experience. Needless to say Diaz asked a lot of follow up questions.

We also kept getting interference from passing helicopters. Cheerleaders got way to may plugs on my show obviously I was not in studio. At the end of the show … I did notice Diaz taking some shots. I also noticed a lot of dead air when he was talking. We cover all this and more on our next show.

Listen to the whole episode right here:

Josh Innes fired from WIP after blasting rival Mike Missanelli

Josh Innes

by Ron Sullivan

Josh Innes is out of a job at Philadelphia’s WIP. He was canned on Wednesday, shortly before he was scheduled to go on the air. The Philadelphia Business Journal reported that the reason seemed to stem from Innes’ non-stop gouging of rival station 97.5 and host Mike Missanelli. Read more

#WCW: Maria Sharapova

maria sharapova

by Ron Sullivan

Born in Russia in 1987, Maria Sharapova moved to the U.S. at an early age and began training at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. After turning professional at age 14, she burst into the spotlight by winning the 2004 Wimbledon women’s singles title. Sharapova became the 10th woman to earn a career Grand Slam with her French Open win in 2012, and she added a second French crown in 2014. In 2016, she was suspended for two years by the International Tennis Federation following her positive test for a banned substance. Read more

Black 97.5 Caller “Dwayne From Swedesboro” Outted as White Producer

Dwayne from Swedesboro

by Ron Sullivan

Sometime you end up with a story that’s so completely off the wall that it needs to be read to be believed. Local sports radio station 97.5 The Fanatic has provided us with one of the weirdest “fake caller” stories ever. As reported by Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad, regular 97.5 caller “Dwayne From Swedesboro” is actually 97.5 producer Pat Egan. Read more

EP 265 (Back at it)

Finally after a month off the crew was back together.  I myself was in real form and had plenty to say. We found out why Pep was running late on Sunday and it was a good excuse. Quimby was finishing up hosting a bachelor party weekend for his nephew. Diaz shared with us that over the last month he has had great successes with the ladies.  Two friends of the show from the office stopped by the show to brighten up the studio. Check the whole show out here.

Episode 264 of The Rob V Show


Episode 264 of The Rob V Show Vanity and Roxy joined us all the way from Scranton.  Mike was very interested in Vanity’s tattoos  and he asked many questions about them.  We found out that Roxy was in the Motley Crew girls girls girls music video .  Mike and myself got into a very heated debate on what good music is. We all shared are thoughts on the protest that are going on. Our old friend of the show Nick Manning checked in after his baseball game from his limo. Check the show out here!

Velivis Vision (Michael Abrams shooting live now)


Episode 263 of The Rob V Show (Nyssa)


Episode 263 Nyssa Nevers was in from D.C and hung out in the studio. She isa pornstar and fetish model. Mike D and Tony Palmer joined us in studio. Nyssa did a live photo shoot with our buddy Tommy! Nyssa even put me in a straight jacket and shared all her crazy stories with us. Some of which even left me speechless. Check the whole show out right here!

Episode 262 of The Rob V Show (Live from Monarch)


Episode 262 of The Rob V Show we were live from Monarch thanks to our friend Mike O’Neil. Ashley and Zoey joined us in our private cabana. We talked about the terrorist attacks in Orlando. We also covered the Nelson Agholor situation. We tried to get to the news but just did not have the time with all the ladies that stopped to see us. Carlee who was on with us for bikini beer pong back in the winter also stopped by and once she did I had a hard time trying to focus.  Check the whole show out right here.

Episode 261 Of The Rob V Show (SlutWear)

IMG_20160605_183745_resized (1)

Episode 261 of The Rob V Show Pep finally made it back into the studio. Lindsay came back in and brought an old friend of the show Jen Lee. The last time Jen and I hung out was at the AVN’s in Vegas.  The girls also filled us in on what the real reason is they go to A.C for. We tried to get into the news but lost track of time talking to the girls. We did have some time to get into the NFL and MLB draft. Check the whole show out here.

Episode 260 of The Rob V Show (Post Coke Pre Aids)

IMG_20160522_152401_resized (1)

Episode 260 of The Rob V Show Quimby’s buddy Mike Diaz joined us in studio as a co-host. Lindsay Moreno finally joined us as a guest and she did not disappoint and we had a blast having her on the show. When I was not falling all over Lindsay she talked to us about the different companies she is currently promoting. The last hour of the show we covered the landscape of Philly sports. Check the whole out here. Follow Lindsay on Twitter and Instagram at LEM_FIT_.

Episode 259 of The Rob V Show (Lots of CC’s)


Episode 269 Of The Rob V Show we were back on the air after a month! It was just Quimby and myself. Ashley Jackson Finally came into the studio! Our old friend Vanessa who looked great in Orange by the way stopped in as well. Alison and Vivian joined us for the first time! Tom Was back in to shoot the girls along with another photographer that we have to keep on the down low. When I was not staring at the girls we really did have a radio show. You can check it all out right here!

Episode 258 Of The Rob V Show (I was a vegetarian when I met you)


Episode 258 Pep was not able to join us so our buddy Lewis from Florida filled in for him. Quimby and myself got into a very heated debate on whether or not Jim Thome should be on the Phillies wall of fame. We also covered high school kids in New Jersey playing a new kind of beer pong. Christine and Kalen joined us again in studio too! They even had time to play the game that is sweeping the nation dirty dice! Check the whole show out right here!

Episode 257 of The Rob V Show ( Live Photo Shoot with Tom Begasse)


Episode 257 of The Rob V Show Tom Begasse joined us in studio for a live Photo shoot! Michelle Nicole,Connie,Aaliyah and Kassie Dw took part in the Festivities. The shoot was streamed live on VelivisVision! Quimby and I covered topics like will he ever get married? To who the Eagles should draft in April. Mike O’Neil Jr from Monarch Philly helped co-host the show. Along with the owner of City Fitness Ken Davies. I also filled in and did the news since our news man Pep could not make it in. Check the whole show out right here! I did I mention Kassie Dw finally made it back on the show!

Episode 256 of The Rob V Show (Live from Saloon 151)


Episode 256 of the Rob V Show was broadcast live from Saloon 151 in West Chester, Pa. We were joined by Natalie, Michelle, and Connie from this year’s (Deep Blue calendar.) The lovely ladies were signing autographs and taking pictures with the patrons. Darryl Clark from the Nor-Gwyn Packers baseball team stopped by and sat in with us for a little while. In the news, we talked about Jared Fogle’s first 3 months in prison, Kayne West’s butchering of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and we also talked about the NCAA Tournament. Kendra Lust was also in town this weekend. You can hear how I used my status as a radio journalist to get by her security detail. Enjoy the show and I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday!

Episode 255 of The Rob V Show (We banged Justin Bieber and my old ecstasy dealer)


Episode 255 of the Rob V Show brought myself and Quimby back from our respective vacations and Pep off of the sofa. In the first hour, we were joined via Los Angeles, by Lucia from the Cougar Club. She shared some tips for people on how to approach cougars to gain their undivided attention. In the second hour, were joined by our good friends Christine and Kalen. We caught up with them with what they have been doing and they also brought their friend Lea. We also talked about Donald Trump, the Phillies, and the Eagles latest transactions. Major Announcement! Next Sunday we will be broadcasting live from Saloon 151 in West Chester. More info to come this week.
Have a good week everyone!

Episode 254 of The Rob V Show (O.J really was innocent)


Episode 254 of the Rob V Show was the 1st episode of the year for Pep. Who we learned had a complete nose job in 1990 and hasn’t thrown up since then. Amazing! We also discussed the numerous celebrity deaths that have occurred since New Year’s Day. Myself, Quimby, and Pep also discussed our dislike for Kayne west and the 1st three episodes of the People Vs. OJ Simpson. I also talked about a new Instagram to follow the Cougar Club.It was a 60 Minutes like show. Enjoy and we will see you next Sunday evening!

Episode 253 of The Rob V Show (Deep Blue Calendar)

Kings Oak (1)

Episode 253 of The Rob V Show we were live from Kings Oak in Northern Liberties for the Deep Blue Calendar release party. I filled the world in my feud with Josh Innes.  Natalie Barrett who graces the cover of the 2016 Deep  Blue Calendar stop by to hang out with us. I made it a point to tell her how much I loved her eyes. Playboy Model Marissa Everhart Let us know how cold it is up north and she also told us that she is big time EAGLES fan! Anna Mercedes might just get me to start working out! You can find her at City Fitness. Trisha Kay came to us by way of Detroit  she was a blast to have on and might have given me a reason to head to the Motor city! Vi Ho also hung out with by of way of St.Louis. Our old friend Vanessa hung out with us and I tried to get her to talk about her fetishes but she would not unlock the safe!  Miss South Beach 2015 Alessandra Sironi  said  to me “Papi give it to me in Spanish”. Which was a highlight for me during the show! One of the old friends of the show Michelle Nichole  also hung out with us and lets just say she has a very nice backside. When Michelle is not modeling you can find her behind the bar a Parxs Casion. Last but certainly not least the Crazy FrenchmenLast but certainly not least the Crazy Frenchmen Jeton Mullaiu the hair master talk to us about  his career and how he got started in the fashion world. Big thanks to Mike O’Neil for having us at Kings Oak.  Check The whole show out right here!


Episode 252 of The Rob V Show (Whats Clerks?)

Payton 2

Episode 253 of the Rob V Show got off to a rocky start but things picked up once our guest Payton Sin Claire joined us in studio. We thoroughly enjoyed her company even though she roots for the Dallas Cowboys. We also received a phone call from Nick Manning. Payton and Nick may be working together very soon. Tonight also marked the debut of Jessica Hope who subbed in for Pep while he was coaching his floor hockey team. It was a very entertaining show.
Remember will be our last Tuesday for a while. Please check our facebook page for our new day and starting time. Have a good week everyone!!!!

Episode 251 of The Rob V Show (Banned from Ustream)


Episode 251 of The Rob V Show brought us the third installment of the Bubble Butt Bikini Beer Pong Invitational Tournament. This year we had a major upset! We thought the Eagles beating the Patriots this weekend was a major upset!) Also, we celebrated the birthday of our maestro of the sound board Mr.Craig Quimby Chenosky. The news of the week was briefly covered as well as the local sports teams. As each hour went by, we sunk to new levels of depravity. We were consequently banned from Ustream! Listen and enjoy!

Episode 250 Of The Rob V Show (Kidd Chris and Holly Halston


Episode 250 of the Rob V Show was one for the record books. After touching on the ongoing Isis situation and a few other news items we were joined by the one and only Kidd Chris! We talked about his days in Philadelphia and we talked about the state of talk radio today. In the final hour, we had the legendary, vivacious, gorgeous, Holly Halston call in and talk about her career and what she likes to do with her free time. Also, there was big announcement. Next week, Tuesday, December 8 there will be bubble butt beer pong III. Cash prize of $500.00. We are looking to have 8 contestants so please join us. It will be an exciting event. Enjoy the show!

Episode 249 of The Rob V Show (Lisa Ann is still a bitch!)


Episode 249 of the Rob V Show should be called The Angry Rob Episode. In the first hour, I told Pep what I thought of him rooting for non Philly teams. Then I talked about my twitter feud with Josh Innes. In the second hour, the anger continued as myself and the panel spoke about my mortal enemy Lisa Ann. After my anger subsided, we managed to talk about the news and Temples tough loss against Notre Dame. Hopefully we will have an Eagles victory to talk about next week. Go birds!

Episode 248 of The Rob V Show (Delilahs 24th Anniversary)


Episode 248 of The Rob V Show was a show of epic proportions. We broadcasted live from Delilahs to help celebrate their 24th anniversary. Our friends Five and Rex joined myself, Quimby, and Pep as co hosts. We were also joined by a lot of our lovely friends who took a few minutes from their busy night to talk with us. After being entertained by the 70’s theme dance show we had to get to work. We discussed various topics such as Marty and Doc Brown traveling to the future, the Lamar Odom saga, our Philadelphia Eagles, and we had a debate on the Chase Utley take out slide in the NLDS. After the news, we were treated to a pole dancing contest. I had a front row seat to witness seven lovely athletic women climb up and down the pole. Finally, myself and Crème had a discussion about Bacon and Eggs. It was a great night for myself and the panel. See everyone next week. Go Birds!!

Episode 247 Of The Rob V Show (Nutter)

Mayor Michael Nutter delivers his budget address in a meeting room at City Hall, Thursday, March 14, 2013, in Philadelphia. Deafening protests have forced Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter to abandon his traditional budget address in mid-speech in city council chambers. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Episode of the 247 of the Rob V Show started with Mayor Michael Nutter getting away with saying the word shit at a press conference. Pretty classy. Then we went on to cover the Eagles 1-2 start. Myself, Pep, and Quimby differed in our opinions. Later on we were joined by Trinity and Senna from Delilah’s Den. The ladies shared some of their likes and dislikes on the job and they listened to us go on the offensive to battle our nemesis, Lisa Ann. You Bitch! Check out the show and we will see you next week. Go Birds!!!

iframe id=’ei7767095′ src=’http://therobvelivisshow.podomatic.com/embed/frame/posting/2015-10-01T14_41_20-07_00?json_url=http%3A%2F%2Ftherobvelivisshow.podomatic.com%2Fentry%2Fembed_params%2F2015-10-01T14_41_20-07_00%3Fcolor%3D43bee7%26autoPlay%3Dfalse%26facebook%3Dtrue%26height%3D85%26width%3D440%26minicast%3Dfalse%26objembed%3D0&notb=1′ height=’85’ width=’440’frameborder=’0′ marginheight=’0′ marginwidth=’0′ scrolling=’no’ allowfullscreen>

Episode 246 of The Rob V Show


Episode 246 we were finally back in the studio. Scott from Delilah’s joined us and talked about how she got into the business. She also was a big fan of our esteemed colleague Pep. Janie from Hotmovies.com which is based right here in Philadelphia, Pa joined us. She talked about the business side of the adult industry. At the end of the show we turned into Crossfire and got into a very heated political debate. Check the whole show out right here. You can also leave us voice mails at 215-392-0514

Episode 244 of The Rob V Show (Pep hits the gym)


Episode 244 of The Rob V Show turned into 60 Minutes because our guests cancelled at the last minute. We covered everything from Ted Bundy to Donald Trump. We also got a phone call from next weeks in studio guest Rachel Starr. We concluded the show by talking about everyone’s first sexual encounter. Check out the show and we will see each other again on Saturday July 18. 2-5PM.

Episode 243 of The Rob V Show (We don’t play home games)


Episode 243 of the Rob V Show brought us an old guest and a new co host to the panel. CS joined us this afternoon and brought along her 2 new friends. Also, Quimby’s buddy Kevin came in and discussed the news and sports with us. Also, Kevin and I got into a heated debate about who was the better NBA player. Bill Russell or Philadelphia’s own Wilt Chamberlain. Quimby and I made a truce in regards to our on air personal attacks and we also started to talk about our big July 18 event with Rachael Starr. The details of that upcoming show will be available shortly. Have a good week everyone!

Episode 242 of The Rob V Show (Lifted Trucks)


Episode 242 of The Rob V Show brought the first photo shoot of the summer. William Kofron from joined us to shoot our gorgeous models (Christina and Connie. The usual suspects were on the panel discussing the news and later on we were joined by Sarah who was part of the first ever Green Legion Calendar. The ladies sat down and discussed their likes and dislikes in regards to men and we talked about things that will be happening in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy the show and we will see you next week!

Episode 240 of The Rob V Show (Pep’s new bed)


Episode 241 of the Rob V Show was another example of the level of depravity that we are famous for. After starting off with the news and Pep’s announcement of getting an adult size bed for the first time, the real fun began. One of our all time favorite guests, the lovely Christine joined as well as her friends Kalen and Brianna. As the show progressed, I began to notice the affection that Kalen and Brianna had for each other so I decided it was time for dirty dice! After that, it was all downhill from there. Listen in and see how low we have sunk!

Have a good week everyone.

Episode 239 of The Rob V Show (The Philadelphia Starr (Experience)

Episode 239 started our summer season. We will now be broadcasting on Sundays 1-4pm Est. We have been away for a little while so we basically caught up with everyone on the panel and we went through the news. We talked about the current events going around the city as well as the 30th anniversary of the Move Bombing. Nick Manning was kind enough to speak with us for a while and also there was an exciting announcement. The gorgeous, sexy, luscious, Rachael Starr will be with us in studio Saturday July 18th! After many shots of Titos, the show had to be stopped for extreme inebriation. Also, Pep my driver got a $26.00 parking ticket. Next show we will have to talk about our wonderful Philadelphia Parking Authority. I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy the show!

Episode 238 of The Rob V Show (Space Mountain)

2015-04-29 11.19.23_resized
Episode 238 of the Rob V show was our first in our new studio in an undisclosed location. We have to stay one step ahead of the law! In this installment, we were joined by and old friend Christine, who shared with us her time as a madam and also her affinity for certain party favors. Ruby Ryder checked in to tell us what she has been up to. Also, we put together an all NFL incarcerated team. You would be surprised by the names that turned up on the list. Take note that this will be our last Tuesday evening broadcast. We will begin broadcasting on Sundays.
Have a good week everyone!


Episode 237 of The Rob V Show (Steve we found the Porn)

ConnieJane (2)

Episode 237 of the Rob V show signified the return of the full cast and crew and the addition of two lovely ladies that we hope will be permanent staples of our weekly circus. Connie and Jane were kind enough to join us and after surprising the pizza delivery man, they helped us get through the news and sports. Also, Jane educated us on the term Trust Pee. Which later on in the show, you will be shocked by the shows soggy ending. We also had an injury on the set. Quimby, who has a habit of tossing bottle caps and wine corks, connected with Tony Palmer’s eye. Next week we will probably see Tony dressed like a pirate with an eye patch. This show will be our last at this studio. Next week we will be moving to bigger and higher places! Have a great week everyone!

Episode 236 of The Rob V Show (Charles Manson’s greatest hits)


Episode 236 of the Rob V Show was not our usual type of show. It was very 60 minutes like. Due to lack of guests, we shortened the show for two hrs. but we had plenty important topics to talk about. For instance, we talked about Charles Manson’s song catalog, an Ohio man who randomly poops on people’s cars, we reviewed the upcoming sweet 16 matchups for the NCAA tournament and we also celebrated the life of Chuck Bednarik. The greatest Eagle of them all!!!! Listen in and enjoy. Also, for the next two weeks we will be doing random podcasts in the Philly area. Details will be posted.

Have a great week everyone!

Episode 235 of The Rob V Show (Ruby Ryder)


After missing another week of broadcasting due to bad weather, we returned for Episode 235 of the Rob V Show. We were joined directly from Green bay, Wisconsin, Miss Ruby Ryder and he sidekick Dakota. After interviewing the lovely ladies, they persuaded  to partake in a game of dirty dice. Also Ruby Ryder showed me a fascinating trick that she can do with a $5.00 bill. The Philadelphia Eagles made a bunch of moves right before the show began and it was debated whether our coach knows what the hell he is doing! Enjoy the show and have a great week!


Episode 234 of The Rob V Show (ER)


Episode 234 of the Rob V Show signified our return from our 2 week hiatus. After going through two weeks of news, sports, and entertainment we were joined by our favorite male adult film star. The immortal Nick Manning. After rubbing it in that it was 75 degrees and sunny in LA, Nick talked to us about some of his films and his recent appearance in a new Show Time documentary titled, “X Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time”. We also talked about the possibility of taking the show out on the road sometime this year. Stay warm everyone except Nick and we will see you next week!


Episode 233 of The Rob V Show (Bikini Beer Pong)

thefif5thelement photography

(Photo Credit- thefif5thelement photography)

Bubble Butt! Bubble Bubble Bubble Butt! That was the common theme of Episode 233 of the Rob V Show. Bubble Butt Bikini Beer Pong II took place in our studio high above the Philadelphia Skyline. When the dust was settled. Team (We just came here for the ball wash) with defending champion Jenny Palmer and Leah won a hard fought battle. We were also joined by a few friends to view the event and of course our dirty dice found its way into the fray. I don’t want to reveal too much so you will have to listen. I also wanted to thank all the contestants and our sponsors Double Visions,City Fitness,Lord Darnley’s Bloody Mary Mix and off course Quimby for providing the venue and the snacks for this epic athletic contest. Enjoy!!!


Episode 232 of The Rob V Show (Nick Manning)


Episode 232 of the Rob V Show was one hell of a good time! After talking about deflated footballs and imaginary snow storms, we were joined in the studio by (Nina and Cream) from Delilah’s Den. After the lovely ladies settled in ,we were joined via telephone, by the legendary adult film star Mr. Nick Manning. We talked about Nick’s career in the adult industry as well as in mainstream entertainment and in professional modeling. Later on, we spoke with (Cream) about the possibility of reading Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham” to Pep with her very hot, sultry, sexy voice. We also did Super Bowl trivia in which our lucky winners will be in studio for the 2nd Annual Bubble Butt Bikini Beer Pong Tournament. The field of 8 2 woman teams have been set and they will compete for the $500.00 cash prize. Our own Mrs. Jenny Palmer will be defending her title with a new partner this year! Tune in and enjoy and we have you will join us next week for our big event!


Episode 231 of The Rob V Show (F The Electoral College)


Episode #231 of the Rob V Show was full of surprises. After going through the news, we were joined by our cohost and his gray prison shirt, Mr.Tony Palmer. Then in the second hour we were joined by Scotty from FIF5THElEMENT Photography and he shared many of his job experiences with us. We also were treated by Quimby who sang his rendition of CSNY’s “Southern Cross” . The group will be renamed Crosby,Stills, Nash and Chenosky. In the final hour, we were joined by Tiffany who was in this years Deep Blue Calendar and she was accompanied by her friend Emily. After some coaxing the lovely ladies have joined the field for the (The Rob V Show Bikini Bubble Bubble Butt Beer Pong Invitational Tournament). As a reminder we have 5 teams of 2 signed up for the $500.00 purse. We are looking for 3 more teams. You can sign up at by emailing me at robvradio@gmail.com. Have a good week everyone and enjoy the snow!


Follow our buddy Scotty on  Instagram @FIF5THElEMENT

Episode 230 of the Rob V Show “Here is some Quimby just for you”


Episode 230 of the Rob V Show will be titled “Here is some Quimby just for you”. Two of the lovely ladies from Quimby’s 2015 Deep Blue Calendar, Ke Ke and Kitty, were  in studio. The ladies joined us for some cocktails, conversation, and a nice game of dirty dice. Also, it was discovered that Kitty has an attraction to redheads. Pep’s reply was a simple yes!!!!!! We also received a call from  Dana C. Mclendon III  to update us on the Hot Crazy Matrix. As a reminder, we are still taking 2 person teams for the Bikini Beer Pong Tournament scheduled for Feb.3rd! Also, we want to congratulate Quimby and the girls for their successful calendar shoot in Atlantis and good luck at the signing events this weekend! You can find additional information for the events on facebook. Have a good week everyone!

Here is all the info for the Deep Blue Calendar events this weekend.

Friday the 16th – 8-10:30 PM, XFINITY LIVE from 10:30-???

Saturday the 17th – FRANKLIN’S EAST FALLS 8:10-30 PM, CAV’S RITTENHOUSE from 10:30-???

Sunday the 18th – KINGS OAK from Noon until 5 PM!!


Episode 229 of The Rob V Show (Take that Juice)



Episode 229 kicked off with a bang. Our very first guest of 2015 Joy, actually showed up 30 mins. ahead of schedule! Joy entertained us in various form of dress and introduced us the phrase “Take that juice”. We also discussed what we did during our two week hiatus and also talked about the status of our city’s major sports teams. In the final hour,we were joined by Ashley from The Victory Beer Hall at Xfinity Live. Also, we are in the process of rescheduling the Second Annual Rob V Show Bikini Beer Pong Invitational. Right now it is scheduled for Feb.3rd. More details will be coming. Enjoy the show and have a great week!


Episode 228 of The Rob V Show (Jabba’s Whore’s)


Episode #228 of the Rob V Show signified the long awaited return of Mr.Tony Rollz. Tony informed us of the possibility of playing Professional Rugby in New Zealand next summer.  He could become the Gordie Howe of rugby. Our scheduled guest, Ms.Amie Adcock, enlightened us in the world of NPC Figure competition. Amie allowed us to gawk over her impressive physique during the evening and she also gave us some workout tips. None that will be used by yours truly of course! Also, we had two big announcements. One, we will now be carried on Planet Platypus Radio in   Fort Lauderdale,Florida. This will be an exciting venture for the show. Two, we are still looking for more teams to compete in the 2nd Bubble Butt Beer Pong Tournament. This will take place on Monday December 22. Start time 7:30 Pm. If anyone wants to compete, you can sign up on our facebook page or call us at 215-392-0514. Have a good week everyone!


Episode 227 of The Rob V Show (Live from (Live from Delilah’s for Quimby’s sweet sixteen)

Delilah's Logo

Episode 227 of the Rob V Show was held live at Delilah’s to pay homage to the David Koresh of football tailgating, Mr.Craig “Quimby” Chenoksy. We were also joined by Pep and The Palmers. During the show, Mrs. Palmer revealed to the audience that she was falling in love with a different dancer every thirty minutes. We were also joined by Sammy Brooks who was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to call in. Also, many of the lovely ladies from Delilah’s took some time and joined us at the table. Yours truly, had a live lap dance and did the play by play in the champagne room. Finally, we made an announcement for Bubble Butt Beer Pong Two. On (Tuesday night Dec 23rd), we are awarding a $500.00 purse to the team that makes it through this very competitive tournament. If anyone wishes to play, you can sign up at (The Rob V Show Fan Page on Facebook) or email me at robvradio@gmail.com. Tune in next week have a good week everyone and go Birds!


Episode 226 of The Rob V Show (The Devil’s Lettuce)


Episode 226 of The Rob V Show was very interesting. For the 2nd straight week, we did not have a guest so the crew was forced to actually work for a change. Tony Palmer was in studio and our new Eagles correspondent Samantha Sheppard called in to talk about last weeks Monday Night game, the upcoming game in Green Bay and also belly dancing. We also learned the Fed Ex can sometimes blatantly lie to their customers and that Quimby will be losing two bets with Pep in the near future. Also, you can hear how I got a date this upcoming Sunday with a little help from my friends! Have a good week everyone!


Episode 225 of The Rob V Show (Choke on it)


After a two week hiatus we were back on the air for episode #225. The buxom Amber Brooks called in from the Lone Star state to talk about her career and last Sundays Eagles Texans game. Quimby discovered a Nick Manning sound board and the phrase “Choke on it ” will probably becoming our most played sound clip. After going through all the news we had a heated debate on what the Eagles record will be the rest of the way. If the finish 4-4 or below I will have my testicles crushed on the steps of City Hall. Check out the whole show right here.


Episode 224 of The Rob V Show (Gifts from the M.I.L.F.S)


Episode 224 of the Rob V show left us short staffed to the absence of Pep who was actually doing some work for a change. We were joined in the studio by Christina and Arianna who was with us during our summer modeling shoots. We had a first on the show when our guests were joined on the show by their mothers. Myself, Quimby, and Tony Rollz were dispensing advice to Christina on how to handle end a relationship and CS made a surprise visit to the show. For some reason CS didn’t even acknowledge me with even a hello which made your host very angry. Check out the show right here!


Episode 223 of The Rob V Show (Tammy Marie)


The 223 Episodic edition of the Rob V show brought the whole group together for the first time in months. After talking news and sports we were joined by the very sexy and vivacious Tammy Marie. Tammy is a professional pilates instructor and she came in to give me a workout. After bending me like a pretzel for 20 minutes, Tammy finally had mercy for me and let me continue our normal programming. Recently I was electrocuted on the air and this week I was physically abused. Check out the rest of the show at right here. Have a good week everyone!

Follow Tammy on Instagram @Tammymariepilatesmt trust me its worth it!
Show Twitter:@Velivis82

Episode 222 of The Rob V Show (Columbus Day)


Episode 222 of The Rob V Show was a very rare occasion we had no female guests so it gave us plenty of time to go over many topics. We covered last weeks Eagles win over the St.Louis Rams. We also talked about our dislike for Buzz Bissinger and everyone’s favorite death row inmate, Mumia Abu Jamal. Also, we covered what Columbus Day means to us in the 21st century and we also touched on the Moors invading Sicily in the year 827. For one evening, The Rob V Show was a news station. Just this week. We will be back to our regular debauchery next week!


Nina Elle


The newest spokesmodel for The Rob V Show the one and only Nina Elle.  Make sure you go check out  her website ninaellexxx.com and follow her on Twitter @NinaElleXXX.   Go Vote for her at RocketStore.com for the first ever Handei Girl girl by clicking this link thehandie.com/vote

Episode 221 of The Rob V Show (Lexi and Renne)


Episode 221 of The Rob V Show was a great show from start to finish. Myself, Quimby, and Pep started out talking about the 3-0 Philadelphia Eagles and how much #5 loves us! We also talked about our outing at Delilah’s Den over the weekend. Then the real fun started when we were joined by Sexy Lexi and her friend Renee.   After a few cocktails the ladies loosened up and told us some fascinating tidbits about their relationship. They also participated in a game of dirty dice. Which proved to be very exciting. If you want to hear and see more of what transpired tune in or check out our Facebook page. Have a great week everyone and Go Birds!

Follow the girls on Instagram:
Sexy Lexi-@danni_gaga
Renee Beverly-@reneebeverly215


Episode 220 of The Rob V Show (Shock Therapy)


Episode 220 of The Rob V Show was a shocking tale of yours truly learning what electricity can do to ones body. After dissecting the Philadelphia Eagles Monday night victory in Indianapolis, the craziness began. Our good friend Lily and a new friend of the show Izabella,joined us directly from her home state of Alabama. The ladies proceeded to hook me up to some type of electronic device where my thighs and nipples will now have permanent injuries. During the final hour of the show, we were joined by Elise from The Gold Club. Upon her appearance, a big game of Dirty Dice broke out. Tune in and enjoy my 3 hours of torture and you can see pictures of this on our Facebook page. Have a good week everyone!

Twitter: @Velivis82,@lilynight4u,@IzabellaDreamz



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