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Lolly Ink

ronavatar  by Ron Sullivan

In last week’s edition of #WCW we took a look at a close friend of the Rob Velivis Show Brandi Love. This week, we have a young woman that I think Rob ACTUALLY has a crush on … the beautiful LOLLY INK!

The Blonde Boobzilla

Lolly Ink‘s signature feature can be figured out from her name, her tattoo covered skin. The thing that’s the most likable about her, however, are her ENORMOUS breasts! She has some of the most magnificent boobs in porn. Her 34DDD helped her climb the ladder to adult fame. There’s more about this 32 year old blonde than her chest, however.Lolly Ink

There’s her amazing ass, which she never gave up in front of the camera. Her arms are covered in all kinds of small tattoos forming some of the best tattoo sleeves I’ve seen. She rocks a Barbie-like thin waist, and face with Nordic European traces makes her look like a blonde hair blue eye doll.

The Next MILF Queen

Judging by her career so far, it’s easy to say that Lolly Ink has all chances to become a great MILF porn diva. She started out in the adult business when she was 28. She has the energy and passion to succeed, but she also knows how to keep herself relevant. One of her strategies is to not give us everything at once.

Lolly Ink

Lolly was credited as a performer in 48 movies. All the big directors and companies wanted to feature this blonde bombshell. She was featured in the Axel Braun’s Inked special, and she has appearances in some of the kinkiest collections and series ever.

Who’s the Girl behind the Boobs?

The success of a porn star can also be predicted by looking at the girl behind the stage name, and the woman behind Lolly Ink is a professional who really knows what she wants. She wants to be the best porn star, and a look over her Twitter feed will help you understand that.

Lolly Ink

She is not afraid to tweet out some of her most hard core pictures, she’s deliberate in how she markets herself. She sees porn as a business. After she was a model and a cosmetician, she got sick of all the divas and the little money she made, and she was decided to sacrifice everything for a career that can bring her both fame and money.

Lolly Ink

She chose porn and she wants to stick to it. Her secret of staying in shape is Pilates, which she does about three times a week. She’s also into boxing, but because it’s such a harsh sport that can leave marks on her face, thus ruining her career, she only throws punches in the air and in punching bags, never in fights with real opponents.

Be sure to follow Lolly on both Twitter @LollyInkxx and her Instagram @LollyInk

Ron Sullivan is the co-founder of the Corner Pub Sports website and #PubCast, which can be heard on Friday nights from 8-10pm on WildFire Radio. He is a die hard Philly fan and (after a few beers) states his opinions without hesitation. Follow him on Twitter @CornerPubRon or Instagram @CornerPubRon

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